Author Bio & Bibliography

Pyramid Ritual Swim 2Anthony Shafton was born in Chicago in 1937. The Nevada They Knew is his fifth book. Shafton has always been a writer and independent scholar, with degrees from Harvard and Stanford Universities. Before retiring, he earned his living in a variety of occupations, including teacher, merchant seaman, craftsman and small businessman. Since 2012 he has been at home in Reno, Nevada.


  • The Apostate Heriger (1962). Grove Press. (A novel, published in France as Le Moine Apostat, and twice adapted for the stage there. Continuously available in France since 1964.)
  • Conditions of Awareness: Subjective Factors in the Social Adaptations of Man & Other Primates (1976). Riverstone Press. (A Darwinian explanation for the emergence of existential self-awareness.)
  • Dream Reader: Contemporary Approaches to the Understanding of Dreams (1995). State University of New York Press. (An exploration of schools of dream psychology.)
  • Dream-Singers: The African American Way with Dreams (2002). John Wiley & Sons. (A sociological study of dreaming and dream sharing among African Americans.)
  • Articles on the subjects of these nonfiction books in collections and journals.
  • Various poems in small magazines.
  • Robert Caples: Teaching us to see Nevada” (2014). In Geoff Schumacher, editor, Nevada: 150 Years in the Silver State. Stephens Press, 195–96. (One of only two articles on fine art in Nevada’s official sesquicentennial volume of essays.)
  • The Nevada They Knew: Robert Caples and Walter Van Tilburg Clark (2017). Fonthill Media.

Shafton’s earlier books are available either new or used through Amazon. Conditions of Awareness is also available from the author.